At QC4U, our team is always innovating our software to enhance usability and ensure future readiness. To ensure our valued customers stay informed about our progress and updates, we've crafted this page to keep you in the loop with our latest developments.
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Improved insights up to packhouse level

With QC4U, data collection up to packhouse level per report was already possible. This new functionality allows easy filtering through packhouses or growers with a simple click.

Enhanced by existing subtab filters like 'consignee', 'shipper', 'origin', 'commodity', and inspection location, QC4U offers a seamless experience for efficient data management.

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Easy and quick data insights

Experience the power of having the right data at your fingertips with just one click! QC4U provides instant access to all your data. Simply click on a graph to filter and analyze your QC data effortlessly. Say goodbye to time-consuming analysis and hello to efficiency with QC4U.

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Create your own dashboard

QC4U now provides a user-friendly solution for designing personalized dashboards. By effortlessly sliding, dragging, and modifying dashboard components, clients can tailor them to their specific requirements. Additionally, users can conveniently access pertinent reports, including those with low quality scores, directly from the dashboard interface. This gives you valuable insights while saving time.

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