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QC4U is an innovative quality control tool specially designed for the fresh produce industry. QC4U optimises goods management by seamlessly converting input into valuable Big Data.

Dashboard QC4U

Standardised inspections

QC4U is an intelligent, intuitive app aimed at simplifying and optimising your quality control process. From a clear dashboard with the most important parameters, you click through to standard questionnaires per commodity. QC4U brings consistency in inspections and generates clear reports, including a clear colour coding system. 

Report QC4U

Valuable insights

With QC4U you can easily collect your data. Visualise all the steps in the chain and view how they influence each other by simply clicking through our integrated report module. Sort, combine and compare on relevant factors such as commodity, stakeholder, temperature, grower or packhouse. In this way, you can easily optimise your processes and always take well-considered decisions, supported by the extensive overviews in QC4U.

Get a grip on your data and discover the strong and weak links in the chain. With QC4U you can easily analyse and link trading partner activities to quality data.

QC4U strives for real-time contact and overview, so that eventually you can even anticipate commodities that are yet to be received. 

What does QC4U bring?

Valuable insights

Data is key. Sort, combine and compare on relevant factors like temperature, grower, date or period. QC4U gives you an essential overview to quickly make well-informed decisions.

Convenient colour coding system

The summary shows the score, shelflife and our unique colour coding system - all the sales information needed at a glance.

Clear and relevant reports

From the grower to your customer: Agri Software provides its customers with easy-to-read overviews that excel in clarity.

Saving time

QC4U is easily connected to most ERP systems. Orders are automatically loaded and inspected with standard questions per commodity.  

Based on years of experience

Agri Software developed QC4U with the help of industry experts with over 40 years of experience in the fresh produce sector.


QC4U is very intuitive and easy to use. You can get started straight away!

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right now.

Want to know more about all the functionality? Request a demo by contacting our sales team.

What type of device do I need for QC4U

Currently an Android tablet is needed in order to be able to use QC4U. Later this year our app will become mobile first. Meaning you can use our app on any device without any limitations on the device it is used on.

Can I create my own set of questions?

Yes, for any given commodity you can create your own pre-set of questions. In addition you can decide which questions are obligatory or are allowed to be skipped. 

How many users can be added?

There is no limitation to the number of users.
Users that need to inspect goods should be added by Agri Software.
Users that just need acces to finished reports can directly be added by you as customer, these users will also have access to the dashboard of QC4U.