Our Story

The Agri Software story begins with HDG Survey Group, a holding company consisting of specialist companies in the field of quality control of fruit and vegetables.

 Including Europe's largest expert agency for the fruit industry, HDG | the fruit consultants. In order to improve its own processes, work more efficiently and further increase the quality of inspections, HDG | the fruit consultants developed its own quality control tool, QC4U, starting in 2013. In the meantime, QC4U has been further developed and expanded, and is ready to support other organisations in optimising their quality checks as well. Agri Software has taken on this task fully since 2021, allowing both Agri Software and HDG to concentrate fully on serving their own customers optimally.

Our Mission

Agri Software wants to save quality inspectors in the fresh produce sector time and money, but also to let them deliver the best possible product. We try to achieve this by providing our customers with excellent, future-proof and fully integrated tools for optimal quality control and claim handling of fruit and vegetables.

What does QC4U bring?


The results you enter in QC4U provide an accurate and objective reflection of the quality of your commodities.


Because every measurement in QC4U is done through the same standardised process, the assessments are consistent and therefore comparable.


With our easy and quick inspections in QC4U, you get a clear overview of the quality of your loads. This way, you can save time and money and reduce the loss of fruit and vegetables.

Saving time

With standardised inspections, QC4U enables you to save time, so you can concentrate on other important matters.


By standardising, you get a constant result in a user-friendly way. This improves the quality and speed of inspections.


Our software is constantly evolving to better meet the expectations of our customers.

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